Links to OTHER Intellectual Property and General Law Sites

United States Patent and Trademark Office
United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) - the agency's website, where you can do many things, including search patents and trademarks, learn about them generally and the processes for obtaining patents and trademark registrations, and consider other USPTO products, services, and information.

Google Patents
Copies of U.S. and other patents that you can research, print, etc. Very good site for searching and investigating - lots of links to other sites and related patents/patent families/etc.

World Intellectual Property Organization
WIPO website.

Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Canadian Intellectual Property Office website.

European Patent Office
European Patent Office website.

Japan Patent Office
Japan Patent Office website.

Copyright Links (United States government sites):
U.S. Copyright Office
United States Copyright Office.
U.S. Copyright Office Search
United States Copyright Office - Search records there.
U.S. Copyright Laws (U.S.C. Title 17)
United States Copyright Laws.

Other Copyright and Trademark Searching Sites
European Union OHIM Trademark Office Generally
European OHIM Trademark Office generally.
European Union OHIM Trademark SEARCHING On-line
European OHIM Trademark Office searching.
Thomson & Thomson Trademark and Copyright Services
Thomson & Thomson trademark and copyright services generally.

United States Codes
Cornell University provides access to the U.S. legal codes.

U.S. Dept. of Justice
The U.S. Department of Justice provides information on programs, new laws and many other topics.

Law News/Information - General website.

American Bar Assocation
The homepage of the national organization includes its journal, publications and other information.